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Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Serene Bear Yoga



Meet Billy – “I was focused on personal fitness that included yoga until a back injury changed my relationship with my body. I was in so much pain that even walking was difficult. Several treatments and physical therapy helped me manage the pain but I’m still not the same. I found yoga as a means of preserving my physical capability, growing stronger and diminishing pain. Yoga also helped me heal from a sense of loss of my former body. I hope sharing my experience and offering modifications in my practice will help others realize they too can access the healing of yoga.
“For me, yoga is a continuation of physical therapy. For you, it may be the means to maintain and improve strength and flexibility. Whatever your goal, yoga has a place for you.” – Billy Kuntz

What is trauma sensitive yoga?


Trauma sensitive yoga is a method for helping your body feel safe and grounded, build trust in yourself, and hold space for you to explore your feelings. Yoga practice often uncovers buried emotions. Break-through releases of sadness, anger, joy, and love are common. In a small group setting, the practice itself is based in the Hatha and Vinyasa yoga traditions. We begin and end with breath work focused on connecting the body and mind. Each session offers gentle flowing movements to warm the body and invite you to feel free and have fun with your forms. The closing of practice is a guided relaxation reminding you of your strength and capability. Furthering the supportive environment, some yoga sessions may include the support of a counselor. Trauma sensitive yoga is accessible to all, regardless of mobility and comfort with yourself.

What does a yoga session involve?

  • Step one – Show up for yourself. We can discuss where you are and what you hope to achieve.
  • Step two – We breathe. Sometimes the best yoga practice is just finding stillness and connecting to your breath.
  • Step three – We move our bodies. We may be seated in a chair for support if getting up and down from the floor is challenging. We may be on the mat on the floor and use gentle flowing movement to connect with ourselves.
  • Step four – We feel. Whatever it is that we need to. We learn that all feelings are valid. We have
    compassion for ourselves. We get to just be present in the moment.

Yoga classes are typically one hour long but can be customized to your needs and goals.
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