Journey to a Trauma Informed Life


From the first step in your journey to a trauma-informed life, we are here to guide and support you

Do you sometimes feel like your past is keeping you from living your present? Or do you worry about the future so much you can’t focus on the here and now? Here at Journey, we specialize in counseling practices designed to address your unique needs. From difficulty adjusting to life’s circumstances to traumatic stress symptoms like dissociation and emotional flashbacks, our clinicians will work with you to bring you though a unique treatment plan based on the 7 phases of trauma informed treatment:

  • J Assessment & Screening: Helping us better understand where you’ll begin your journey.
  • O Safety & Stabilization: Sessions to help you stabilize your present life circumstances.
  • U Skills & Resource Building: Assembling the tools and supports you need for your journey.
  • R Desensitization to Triggers: Helping your mind and body remain calm and grounded.
  • N Reprocessing: Unlearning negative thinking patterns.
  • E Consolidation of Gains: Putting it all together in a new way.
  • Y Maintenance: Preparing for life beyond therapy.

From the first step in your journey to a trauma-informed life, we are here to guide and support you. Whether you are seeking individual therapy, couples or family counseling, or to participate in a therapeutic group, please complete the counseling contract form. Our office manager makes every attempt to respond within one business day and connect you with a clinician within 72 hours.

Fee Schedule

We have clinicians that accept many insurances including Medicaid, Medicare, UPMC and Highmark. Our out-of-pocket rates start at $125/hour for individual sessions, $150/hour for couples or family sessions and $40/hour for group sessions. If you are uninsured, we also have a sliding-fee scale ($100/hour for (80%) Moderate Household Income – $60/hour for (30%) Extremely Low Household Income) based on the City of Erie 2020 Adjusted Income Guidelines.* We also have partnerships and contracts with generous organizations and individuals who provide funds for services when you are unable to pay. Our office manager will work with you to find a payment arrangement that works for you.

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*Costs are for individual sessions. Please ask our office manager for further payment information.


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