Group Therapy | CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy)

Getting Unstuck: Working through unhelpful thought & beliefs for PTSD Recovery

Group Therapy | CPT (Cognitive Through Processing)

Getting Unstuck: Working through unhelpful thought & beliefs for PTSD Recovery

Getting Unstuck


2/1/24 - 3/11/24 |
Thursdays 5:30pm-7pm

Your Guide

Shatoia Carroll and Paige Bosnyak


A virtual/online group for survivors of trauma to challenge unhelpful thoughts and beliefs related to their traumatic experiences. This is a 12 -module, evidence-based program complete with a phone app which you can communicate directly with your therapist throughout the week.

Group Capacity


Group Outcomes


Who Should Enroll

Adults seeks help healing from traumatic experiences.

group therapy- cpt

Application Process

An Intake Specialist will reach out to you to schedule a 10-minute phone conversation to answer questions and gather more information about you and your goals.

Then, we will set up an intake session to help you; understand your client rights and responsibilities, establish insurance eligibility, and prepare you for the group experience.

 Once all this is done, we will connect you to the group facilitators and they will communicate with you from that point forward.

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