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Our non-profit unites diverse groups in collective healing. Learn more about Journey: Healing Together and #JointheJourney

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Journey: Healing Together


Journey: Healing Together exists to foster connections and build equity among diverse affinity groups, uniting communities in collective healing.


We envision united communities that have worked to restore equity, embrace their uniqueness, and become empowered agents of change.


Our supported spaces establish inter-community connections where individuals are empowered to build unique strengths and heal from systemic, generational wounds. Through our model, we unite communities, restore trust, explore diverse perspectives, and catalyze societal transformation.

During our inaugural year, Journey: Healing Together launched the Erie Journey to Wellness program—a solution-focused approach to addressing the overwhelming demand for therapy within an overloaded mental health system. Additional wellness initiatives included Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and monthly community-building activities such as LGBT Game Night, "Crafternoon," and Banned Book Club.


Journey was established in 2019, just months before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we witnessed the widening gaps between those seeking and those providing mental health care, we recognized the urgent need to remove these barriers. By January 2021, our team had expanded to a dozen clinicians across three different locations. However, significant barriers persisted, preventing large portions of our community from accessing the help they needed.

In response to these challenges, Journey: Healing Together emerged as a sibling nonprofit organization. With a mission to nurture connectedness among diverse groups, organizations, and universities in Northwestern Pennsylvania, Journey: Healing Together was officially recognized by the IRS on 2/2/22. Sharing the location with Trauma-Informed Life, Journey: Healing Together is dedicated to growing and fulfilling its purpose of fostering restoration and healing in our community.

Journey Healing Together Logo

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Journey: Healing Together is a non-profit offering healing spaces to New Majority communities. Providing opportunities for diverse groups to gather, heal, restore, discover, and rebuild. Find out how to get involved and #JoinTheJourney!